Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disco Aqua Dancer: The W.E.T. Workout

"Water, the 'magic medium,' is what makes my program different from-- ad better than-- most other exercise regimens.  For one thing, the medium itself is delightful.As soon as you get in the water, you feel relaxed as the day's tensions ebb away.  Water is cool and delicious."
Friends picked this up for me on a Greenpoint stoop.  It's full of eighties line drawing depicting such moves as "Spare Ribs," the "Fetal Float," and here, "Disco Aqua Dancer."

I also enjoyed the religious iconolatry of the breast stroke arm motion here:

And this lady's spirited bathing suit and blunt haircut.

In related news, reader Kathryn just e-mailed to recommend Esther Williams' autobiography.  Kathryn says, "They literally stuck her hair to her head with an iron bar that left a permanent dent."  I'm off to look into this...

Also, photos and fonts are driving me insane on blogger lately.  If any of you know WTF is going on and how I fix it, e-mail me please...