Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Mascara Horses" and the "Beloved Cleavage Area"

You've seen at least a few of Sarah Haskins' Target Women videos, right? This one is from a few months back, but I just now watched it and learned about a peculiar beauty device that even I was unaware of, the Kush Support. I do not at all understand what that thing is meant to ameliorate, though I do fall into two categories (the first two) of women to whom this product "offers comfort". All I know is it looks dirty.

And "mascara horses" remind me of this.

I found this on the testimonial page of the Kush site:
"It's such a nice, light and comfortable device that snuggles perfectly in the cleavage area – I am amazed that I can't even feel it’s there. I am so happy a product is now here to help women do away with those wrinkle lines in our beloved cleavage area"