Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technicolor Dream Dress

The Lumière brothers hand-painted each frame of this trippy 1899 film:

(via Kottke)

It is very much like this 1894 film, produced by Thomas Edison, and colored by a similar technique:

That film was banned for a while because it, "included titillating glimpses of the female performer's undergarments. But content wasn't the only concern. 'Indeed,' notes Champlin in an article on the film production code for American Film, 'it was the instant and immense popularity of the movies that stirred the first fears of their corrupting and inciting power.'"

Let's watch one more of dancer Annabelle Whitford to fully understand the corrupting power of her undergarments. While not colored, this Butterfly Dance is sweet and simple, school-playish, but haunting. It is so captivating when a dancer becomes another sort of earthling, isn't it?