Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Style of Amelia Earhart

"Gravity was uncongenial to her and she made light of even grave things. There was ether in the very sound of her name."

That's from a lovely piece by Judith Thurman in this week's Style issue of The New Yorker. It's well worth a read for excellent biographical detail, and the familiar but effectively spooky hints that our girl landed safely and lived on Blue Lagoon style. But this passage held special interest for me:

"She was lanky and nonchalant, with no hips or breasts-- no visible womanliness-- to speak of... She flew wearing men's underpants (they were apparently superior to a woman's for the purpose of a quick pee). For public appearances-- at White House dinners, in a ticker-tape parade, on the lecture circuit-- her wardrobe was unfrilly but elegant, and for a while she designed and modeled her own fashion label, an undistinguished line of tailored dresses and soft, two-piece ensembles."

Of course I've heard of Amelia Earhart luggage, but I didn't know she actually endorsed the brand until I found info on Couture Allure. I'd love to see those clothes.

Meanwhile, the outfit she wears in the photo above is perfection, no matter who designed it. I'd like to make those tall boots and leather trench my new fall look.