Monday, September 21, 2009

The 70s Adult Spotted in the WIld

"I was wearing a brown pleated skirt with a pattern of trees and deer; a cream shirt with a flyaway collar covered in cartoon Bambis; a tan jacket; tan tights; clumpy shoes, and a Dot Cotton coat with a furry collar. People were coming into the office and doubling up and taking pictures. It was bizarre going to meetings, and I got no sympathy at all.

The reason Georgie provoked such amusement was simple: she was dressed, coiffured and made up entirely in the style of 1970."

Georgie and her family are involved in the upcoming BBC series Electric Dreams, and attempted to experience life through the decades of technology. But the clothing is what interests me. A getup like that would garner compliments here in Brooklyn. Though I tend to stick to that classic rule of fashion: one deer-themed article of clothing per outfit. After Labor Day.

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