Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Delightful: $50 Off Malia Mills

Yesterday I mentioned my love of Malia Mills swimsuits, and today I have exciting news:  the lovely ladies over there have offered us $50 off!  Just e-mail Jen at, and mention Peculiar Beauty to get the coupon.  I suggest you try this stunning Calendar Girl bottom.

And it's not just swimwear.  Malia has expanded her line to include seasonless clothing, shoes, accesories, and my personal favorite, the Naughty Nurse slip.  Inspired by a 1940s military issue slip, it features the most flattering seaming.  Let it peak out under a sundress, or get creative and layer.

Write and tell me what you choose!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Marilyn Monroe and Malia Mills

LIFE just put up dreamy, previously unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe, frolicking in nature and reading scripts.

It just so happens that I will be spending this upcoming weekend much the same way.  To do so properly, I'll need that top.  Can one of you make something like this for me?  I strongly suspect that if I had a custom-made, fifties bikini, everything else would just fall into place.  

Genius swimsuit designer, Malia Mills makes something quite similar for ladies with E-F cups.  I have Malia's Pamela top, and Love Knot bottom.  I'd love to have the top at left in my size, too.  I think it's perfectly matched with the print, and stunning on this model.  

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beauty Parlor

This is a guest post of sorts.  My dear friend Molly recently went home to visit her family in Cleveland, Ohio and sent me these photos and descriptions.  I asked if I could share them with you.  Enjoy!

Here is the beauty parlor where my Nana has gone every Saturday at noon - for like forty years! - to get her hair set. 


Nana’s hairdresser, Zona, told me she doesn’t like to hire young stylists because they just learn cuts and do them without thinking about the individual. She likes to take face shape and hair texture and any other relevant factors into account when designing a hairdo.  She considers it an art, and important.  
She has even volunteered at mental institutions and old-age homes to give residents a fresh hairdo.  When she’d get there, they would be lolling in their chairs lethargically.  When she’d leave they would be giggling like schoolgirls.

Nana’s Personal Hairdo in process.  Note the scotch tape!

Thanks again, Moll!  I adore everything about these: the pink chairs, the expressions Molly captured, and the humble yet glamorous tradition of going for a roller set each week.  We need an After Photo...