Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Really Makes For A Darling Outfit

In these complex times, us modern gals have two things on our minds: sticking to a strict budget, and finding shorts that don't make us look like sluts. We count on Heloise, "Heroine of the Household," to get us through:

"Some of us who are not 'short-shorts' lovers would like to be able to find a pair that fits us and is cut exactly at the right length. For instance, some of us would wear shorts if we could find them cut just below the knees.
Watch for slacks and pedalpushers on sale. When you find a pair that fits, buy it.
While you are in the store, look for a white blouse. Often there are blouses on sale at the same time.
When you go home, cut the slacks or pedalpushers off to the exact length you desire, leaving about an inch and a half for a good hem. These may either be hemmed by hand or on the sewing machine. And don't throw the leg part away. We are going to use that to make a darling outfit!
Slit open the sides of the part you cut off (where the inseam is) and spread out. Lay the collar of the white shirt that you just bought on this piece of material. Cut exactly around the collar and make your pattern for a new colored collar! Use your iron and turn this new colored collar under one-fourth of an inch all the way around.
Cover the original shirt collar with the extra piece of material you have left from those pedalpushers. Not only does it make a snazzy outfit, but that printed collar won't show soil as much as a white one does!
With the leftover scraps you can make a binding for the top of one pocket or, if the shirt does not have pockets (and I absolutely despise shirts that do not have two pockets), you can make two pockets to match the collar and the shorts.
Another cute idea is to cut out little squares or triangles of this extra material (about an inch square or so) and sew them on the blouse so that it will look like a patched checkerboard. On one set, I saw these little squares and triangles sewn just on the white pockets and the collar itself. Really makes for a darling outfit which costs you practically nothing if you watch for your sales."

The description of this outfit reminds me of Stella and her paper-doll ensembles.