Monday, April 13, 2009

It's The Sleeves What Does It

I have a thing for the silver-jumpsuited future of the past.   As a kid I had a book called something like The Kid's Big Book of The Future that told me what to expect:  jet packs (obviously), video phones, and weather rooms.  The very laptop I'm writing on does have the capability to function as a video phone, but I've never mustered the interest to try it.  Weather rooms were to be available in every home, possibly because we were to have ruined the climate to the extent that we'd be living in an ice age, or burning hell, and have the wish to visit actual weather from a safe chamber, the way we visit polar bears.  I actually have been in a weather room.  An old friend had such a room in her house and encouraged me to enjoy it after a swim.  It was pretty much a sauna with wooden walls and a control panel offering options such as Tropical Storm and Cool Mist.

Anyway, here's Eve A.D. 2000, a film clip made in the 1930s, that predicts what women of the future (that's us!) will wear.  I'm not much one for cantilevered heels, but I would probably be less cranky about seasonal change if I had that belt that adjusted my body to the climate.  Plus, it's shiny.

Via  Luminol.