Friday, February 13, 2009

The Only Bonnie You Need

Family lore has it that I was named for Faye Dunaway's character in Bonnie and Clyde.  Because of this I feel a special affinity for Ms. Dunaway.  Also, I dream of a life of crime.  A life spent lounging in seedy hotels, wearing demure pink outfits, my gun slung casually on the headboard.  As of this morning, I'm one step closer to this fantasy.  My hair now closely resembles that of the Bonnie in the photo; six inches shorter and about 4 shades lighter than it was yesterday.
Recently there's been some unpleasantness over casting a remake of the film.  I avoided the iconic shot that is all over the place right now, but suffice to say, no one wears a beige beret like Ms. Dunaway.  
Actually no one wears the entire palette of beige better.  Say what you will about the odd cultural prescience, and intense performances of the classic, Network, but I maintain that the best part is Faye's utter beigeness.  Every outfit!  Every piece of her office and home decor.  Diana Christensen is the queen of the Modern Career Gals.  She's a Seventies Adult with a stylish but sensible Wardrobe that Works for Work.  
And god, her cheekbones.  Faye was a perfect beauty as Bonnie, but in my opinion, that excellent bone structure doesn't peak until after forty, when the face gets a touch more hollow, and drama is heightened by a bit of etching. 
I just noticed that my hair before the change was pretty much the color and style at left.  Well, if I'm going to limit myself to only one reference, I could do a lot worse.

Here is early Faye, in beige again.  This seems like it's from a film, but which one?  The fake lashes and weird bangs look great.  The outfit is perfect.  I got really into white jeans last year and plan to get right back into them when it's warm again, much to the dismay of some friends who remain staunchly anti-white denim.  I said Jackie O.  They said Miami.  I said, but I like Florida.  This year, I have a better retort: Faye.