Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hard Plastic Bikini

I just discovered Carrie Fisher's blog and especially enjoyed the post about her infamous gold bikini:

"The biggest problem with the metal bikini, was that it wasn’t metal. ——Not that metal would’ve been an improvement over what it was actually made of, which was kind of a hard plastic. Whatever it was, it didn’t adhere to one’s skin. MY skin. My young, soon to be popular, unlucky skin. SO, when I was relaxing leisurely against Jabba the Hutt’s gigantic, albiet grotesque stomach, my hard, plastic bikini bottom……….well, it had the tendency to make my now not so private privates quite public."

Brace yourselves: I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies.* But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate Ms. Fisher. In the best-movie-ever, Shampoo she was an Izod-clad teen who seduced Warren Beatty. Let's watch.

A reader recommended the recent memoir, Wishful Drinking, saying it includes some little beauty stories about Carrie's mom, Debbie Reynolds.

Ms. Reynolds has popped up here before, in a diet tip by her rival. Here she is at left, in a golden one-piece swimsuit. No word on whether it's real metal, or plastic.

*Okay, but once a friend played a scene for me, over and over and over, from one of the new Star Wars prequels (too lazy to look up the title). It was a terribly cheesy love scene, maybe in a pink, blossumy meadow. And then an elephant-dinosaur-muppet thing galloped through and made an odd sound. We absolutely were not high.