Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes She Can

"Take that $5 bill in your hand, go to the most reputable store in town, walk directly to the hat of your choice and declare your love. Let your instinct tell you what to do. If the hat fulfills your dream, buy it. Be strong be firm, and don't ask anyone's advice. Don't try to make the hat look good on all your children and your friends, don't ask any questions-- just buy. All great things are done impulsively. Sometimes they turn out to be the best choice you have ever made. If you do make a mistake, you learn from your mistake. The only real mistake is to take the problem too seriously. Go trust your subconscious integrity, don't waver, defy all gravity, let the $5 ride wherever it wants to go-- it will be the best experience for $5 you have ever had."

--Mrs. John, The Charming Woman, edited by Helen Fraser (1950)