Monday, January 12, 2009

The Glamour of the Dachshund

I am a dachshund fanatic. As I was clearing photos off my hard drive this week, I noticed how many pictures I have of the tiny, magical hounds in glamorous situations.
The breed's distinct shape makes them ideal for use as punctuation, as in this classic photo by Mary Eleanor Browning. A canine exclamation point, no? Ms. Browning made history by photographing her own hysterectomy. She was a proto-reality star, like Edna.

Dachshunds bring the right balance of cuteness and wit to every situation. At left, a doggie wrinkles his snout in contemplation of why exactly Cannon brand stockings last longer than others, and he out-charms that smarmy guy by a mile.

This one is by Nina Leen, who I recently featured here, and here. The matching plaid skirt and booties are striking on their own, but are clearly enhanced by the presence of a grinning elf. Perhaps this is the very creature who inspired Nina to go on to be a renowned animal photographer?

Dachshunds have long served as muses to artists. A pinup by Gil Elvgren features bubbles, garters, a gorgeous pink dress and a very short dog: perfection.

Here is the original G.I. Jane and her doxie companion, Fritz. Read all about them on my favorite blog, The Long and Short of It. There's just something about the pairing of a beautiful girl and a deeply silly, yet dignified dog.

Modern pinups agree. Dita Von Tesse is thrilled to pose with this squishy-looking guy.

It goes beyond cheesecake; painter Pierre Bonnards also explored the Lady-and-Dachshund theme.

Oh, I could go on and on. And I will! Stay tuned for a collection of some very glamorous, real-life Dachshunds and their Ladies. And if you happen to own dachshunds, please tell me all about them immediately.