Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Look Terrible, I'm Calling An Ambulance

In 1961 Allan Grant shot these amazing photos of the Beauty Hospital of Dr. Robert A. Franklyn, in Bel Air, California. (LIFE)
On occasion I've remarked to my sister that I need to go to the Hair Emergency Room. Now I know where that could once be found.

Here, a patient idly files her nails while sitting in an Electro-Magnetic Loop said to prevent aging. I'm somehow reminded of Sleeper. These photos are so spookily atmospheric, full of Hitchcock Blondes and perhaps even murder. But first! A series of healing, prettying baths.

Sand Bath.

Seaweed Bath.

And my favorite, the Sponge Bath. Because it is not that one is bathed with a sponge, as in a non-beauty hospital; rather one is bathed in sponges, piles and piles of sea sponges. Soothing, no?

Now you're exactly where they want you.

This woman, trapped in a magnetic collar, contemplates how she could have possibly been so gullible. Beauty Hospital indeed, she thinks.

And then they were upon her.

If this story has not served as warning to you, I suggest Glovie's Beauty Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.