Monday, December 15, 2008

Welcome To My Pink, Fluffy Future

It's been a bit dark around here lately; three of my recent posts were about people dying, or being dead (and beautiful).  So I thought I'd offer a palate cleanser.  This photo of Jayne Mansfield in her pink shag-carpeted bathroom pretty much depicts what I planned on my adult life looking like when I was a child.  (Please click to enlarge and note: even the sides of the tub and the ceiling are carpeted.)  I used to imagine living somewhere like that, and strutting around in extremely fluffy pink sweaters with hot pink satin leggings.  Physically, I assumed I would resemble Loni Anderson.  
And everything has worked out exactly as I designed.

I kid, but maybe I'll be more Loni-like soon.  I just ordered a copy of her memoir, My Life In High Heels.  Of course I'm hoping to glean beauty tips, and I will share them with all of you.

Meanwhile, one more image of complete pink indulgence.  Fellow vintage blogger and pen pal, Donna Lethal let me browse around in her photos and I found this dreamy ad.  Clearly, this was the only brand of toilet tissue appropriate  for Jayne.