Monday, December 22, 2008

Tone Your Upper Arms Instantly

Ever-vigilant reader, Gina just sent me the best link of the year:  Slim Tape.

I've written about the age old art of face taping before.  And about a vintage Kotex ad that advised teens to tape their shoulder blades together for better posture.  But people, none of that compares to the ludicrous glory that is Slim Tape.  You must, must, must click the link to watch the video.   At bare minimum, I implore you to click to enlarge the picture at left.  

The Slim Tape folks are suggesting that, if you have upper arm waddle, you should literally tape the wobbling flap of skin up and onto your bicep.  Same goes for thighs; if they are looking too gelatinous, use Slim Tape to pull the slack up and under your shorts.  This is the sort of thing that makes my day.  Sometimes I fear that the quirkiest of beauty ploys and devices are behind us, drifting off into history (obviously is my life's work to make sure they are not forgotten) but Slim Tape restores my faith in the charming and inane.  It's like a Christmas miracle!

Hey you know who could really use some Slim Tape?  That scary lady from the chart one post down!  We could fix her right up with this miracle product.