Monday, December 22, 2008

I Have More To Say About Slim Tape

If you don't know what Slim Tape is, read the post below or click the link.
I have been thinking about Slim Tape all morning and have decided that of ALL the garments and figure aids in history, this tape is the most horrifying thing to come across when undressing someone.  Not that I ever find myself in the position of undressing women. But I am thinking of those who do.  Girldes, Spanx, even Depends are startling, sure, but they can all be comprehended by the human mind.  Not Slim Tape.  Can you imagine a spontaneous romantic encounter during which clothes are flung to the floor only to reveal extra fat and skin taped into place?
And isn't this the inherent danger of figure helpers?  One squeezes into something frighteningly restrictive (or in this case one tapes their entire self taut), gets dressed and feels more confident than usual, flirts etc.  Fine, but do not drink and tape.  Do not let the optical illusion of toned thighs* make you so giddy that you get tipsy and go home with a stranger.  Because you will become the stuff of urban legend.

* Do I believe Slim Tape really will give the illusion of toned thighs?  No.  No, I do not.