Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beautiful Corpses

“I’ve had people mention that they want their breasts to look perky when they’re dead."

This article reports that plastic surgery techniques, such as line-filling, are on the rise in mortuaries.  Actually I've been meaning to write something here about mortuary beauticians because the subject fascinates me.  If you share my morbid tastes, here are some links.
Nadene cosmetics feature colors specifically designed to recreate a lifelike, but natural appearance.  The line includes the lip colors Natural Male and Old Age.  
That reminds me; a few years back some normal cosmetic line came out with lipsticks named after women.  My sister Laura bought the one called "Laura," and it was an awful grayish brown.  Every time she wore it I called it "Dead Laura."
Here is a short article about some of the challenges a mortuary beautician may face.
And here is an interview with a woman who left her job at Disney to go into the field.  She says, "I was working at the Happiest Place on Earth and I was miserable, and now I’m working at the saddest place on earth, and I’ve never been happier."
The interview is really quite disgusting.  So here, if you want.  You've been warned.  Really.