Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And Spider Eyelashes, Too

In a captivating profile of Liza Minnelli in this week's New York, Emily Nussbaum describes the star as being, "...back to that beautiful spider's body: the cubelike high-up torso and crazy-skinny limbs."

"... just in case you're wondering, she doesn't seem even mildly crazy.  She's warm, cagey, girlish."

But the real thrill for me in this piece lays in the section about Kay Thompson.  Kay was Liza's godmother and the second act of Liza's new show will pay tribute to her.  As Emily puts it:
"If you've heard of Thompson at all, it's because she wrote the Eloise children's books, or perhaps for her role as the 'Think Pink!' editor in Funny Face.  But to those who knew her, Kay Thompson is a thrilling showbiz secret, a kind of skeleton key to mid-century Broadway and Hollywood."

I mentioned Kay Thompson and that Think Pink! scene here.

Here's Kay, posing under a portrait of Eloise at the Plaza.  From the article:
"'She was this funny, serene source,' Liza tells me of Thompson and her influence on Liza's childhood.  'I remember once we were walking around in New York, I was about 4 and she had a big wolf coat, gray, just heavenly looking-- she was so tall and thin."

Oh, and I was just about to write something about the Lily Pulitzer in W this month, but Sadie Stein just did, and it's perfect:  Palm Beach Story: Lily Pulitzer is Bizarrely Fascinating.