Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back At The Fat Farm, In High Heels

You know how charmed I am by the exercisers of yore doing it in street clothes instead of spandex, but this just makes my day.  Pushups in heels! 

I'm still knee deep in the LIFE archives and I found these photos, taken in 1938 by Alfred Eisenstaedt, of Rose Dor Farms, a "reducing school for women."

You know how everyone always wonders why old insurance height/weight charts allowed for two-inch heels?  This is why: nobody ever took their heels off!

Another view.  Of the shoes, people.  Look at the shoes.

Here's a "student" at the farm.  Click to enlarge and check out the gal's t-shirt graphics, zippered corduroy shorts, and pin curls. I bet her image is tattooed on some sailor's bicep.

This epically flattering shot was captioned thusly, "Women doing exercises to reduce of their hips and 'widow's humps' (which form at back of neck)..."

Personally, I prefer the more PC term, Dowager's Humps.