Friday, October 17, 2008

I Am Screaming Inside

To get things rolling after a small and unplanned absence, I would like to share with you a few quotes which fall into a category I call, I'm Screaming Inside. These will serve to let you know how my week has been, to illuminate one of many reasons I love good auto-beauty-ographies, and to introduce you to a special book I'll write about in more depth tomorrow. Pardon the non-obscurity of the Janet Leigh photo. I'm tired.

"Learn to smile with your mouth closed. Work until you can do it in such a convincing manner that you are sure you're laughing with your mouth wide open."
--Wendy Ward Charm Book (1972)

"What I do is just get in the shower with all my make-up on and let it run all over my face. And when the mascara smears and the black starts smearing over your cheeks, you just take all that off and look incredible. Or take a shower and let the mirror frost up and look at yourself that way, if you're really hopeless."
--Patti D'Arbanville, interviewed by Francesco Scavullo, Scavullo on Beauty (1976)

"To firm up the muscles that support the breasts (not the breasts themselves), smile as widely as you can (until it turns into a grimace), hold for a count of ten, and release. Repeat five times."

That one is from a unique 1980s book I'll tell you all about tomorrow... And here is one of my favorite silent screams ever:

"First the Morning Face. This is the face that the homemaker must show to her family. It should look fresh, unworried, and composed. Your whole appearance must be as shining and as fresh as your will power and determination can make it. It will mean, perhaps, rising a bit earlier in the morning, using a few precious minutes for quickly cleansing the face, and applying a quick morning makeup. You can then face your family and your day with new courage. If there is no family, you will have to face yourself."
--Edith Thornton McLeod, Lady, Be Lovely (1955)