Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Black Dust-Up With Sun-In

Awww, my very own spam.  I'm set up to get Google alerts about "Peculiar Beauty."  I have just been alerted to one of those spammy, nonsense sites that exist to collect clicks.  This is my first opportunity to read about myself or my work in spam language.  Apparently, my bemused little beauty book is a bracing admonisher to the United States of America and the World Health Organization.  See?  I've been trying to tell you that I am a serious person.

Bonnie Downing has amassed these and hundreds of else absurdly foolish real-life beauty secrets into a laughable solicitation aimed atomic number 85 all female world health organization has knowledgeable about the episodic discompose and suffering of nerve-racking to visual aspect her top-grade. Filled not but with screaming beauty advice, simply perceptive glances into beauty zeitgeists end-to-end the ages, Peculiar Beauty is a bracing admonisher to united states of america complete that dislike continuous claims to the oppositeness, on that point is nobelium light way to the outflow of time of life .. Culled from over fifty antithetic manuals chemical analysis from territorial dominion utmost cloth covering territorial dominion 1890 to Morgan Fairchild's modern steer Super Looks, Peculiar Beauty is for anyone world health organization's ever been subjected to the dictatorship of an Epilady or had an black dustup with Sun-In