Thursday, September 4, 2008

Save Money With the Power of Your Mind

I am merrily ignoring the hot weather, taking my fall wardrobe out of storage, and polishing my boots. New clothes are sooo tempting, but my finances need tending, badly. We've begun to talk about shopping wisely (and minimally), but there's an even less expensive way to look good, and it all starts in the imagination:

"Place in your sleeping chamber a likeness picture of how you would like to look (naturally using common sense), and morning and night, and at any convenient time during the day when you come before that picture say soulfully and earnestly, The perfect mind within me is refreshing and reconstructing my features in accordance with that image."

--Adena C.E. Minott, How to be Beautiful and Keep Youthful (1923)

And for more magical thinking: The Strange Case of Edith Carter