Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Riddance to August

Hello all, and welcome to new subscribers.  I spent the weekend in Connecticut celebrating the end of August by eating cherries on the beach and watching the hurricane on television.  In just a few hours, my post about the new, weird book will be up.  Meanwhile:

  • Tanya Simon, 16, demonstrates that a a brush with natural disaster is no excuse to let oneself go.  When the rain stops, she'll be ready, damn it.
  • Adored reader Susanna from Bowlserized guessed that the book I've been stringing you all along about is Living With Crazy Buttocks.  Incorrect, but I was delighted to see that the author, Kaz Cooke, illustrated a favorite old beauty book of mine, by Lola Montez, with wacky modern cartoons.  I ordered that one, and Real Gorgeous.
  • Update on Mary Christopher:  A few readers, including my dad, decided to join me in making micro loans through Kiva.  Mary has now received her total requested amount of $275.  She is buying hairdryers and weave supplies to increase profits at her beauty salon in Tanzania, and support her family.  When this loan is repaid, we'll pick another beauty business.