Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crafty Tip for Good Posture, Brought to You by Kotex

I was just browsing vintage ads, and came across a trick for correcting posture that I have actually never seen before. A teenage girl in the ad at left gets her younger sister to help:

"Before those shoulders droop again, here's a posture plan you can really stick to! Put a strip of adhesive tape across your shoulders: good reminder to keep 'em on the square."

At first glance it looks a lot like the little girl is applying a Kotex right to her sister's back. Then I thought they were suggesting using the leftover strips this way, but the ad is a few decades behind the invention of self-adhesive pads. I guess it is just a random tip to round out their concept of ad as teen-magazine article.

This tip seems like it could work if you pushed shoulder blades back before taping. You'd feel a tug every time you slumped. Laura*, are you free for a few minutes?

*Laura is my little sister, and like the girl in the ad, is usually quite enthusiastic about helping with my personal grooming tasks. Years ago she pitched in to highlight my hair with one of those rubber cap-and-hook sets. While she worked I screamed at her, "It feels like needles in my scalp!" She persevered, and the results were horrifying, but no more so than the time I did hers with a roll of aluminum foil, a jar of Jolen Creme Bleach and a paintbrush.