Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take it off. Take it all off.

Scandinavian beauty tips... pending!

A copy of Gunilla Knutsen's Beauty and Health the Scandinavian Way (1971) is on it's way to my mailbox.  Gunilla is the blonde bombshell in this Noxema shaving cream ad who famously purred, "Take it off.  Take it alllllll off."

I'm really looking forward to the book because when it came out, the Times reviewer, Judy Klemesrud wrote, "Gunilla's book contains 59 pages of photographs of her, braless ('I don't own a bra') in a leotard and tights, demonstrating Scandinavian exercises."

The book also contains beauty tips such as:
"To clean beauty cream from under your nails, use a few drops of mouth wash mixed with water."

And!  A recipe for a Scandinavian diet secret: Oatmeal Soup.  Oh, I can't wait.