Monday, August 18, 2008

Strangers of Note: Southern Belles on the Subway

Earlier this evening, four women with shopping bags got on the N train.  The two blondes were clearly mother and daughter, one in her twenties, one in her fifties.  The other two ladies were the mother's age.  As soon as they were seated, somebody said, "Ok, let's hear it: day one!"

The daughter launched into a head-to-toe outfit description.  I guess another trip is coming up.  Each took a turn running down outfits for days one through three.  Every single item listed had a label attached.  And these ladies knew each other well.  When one started, "the sleeveless knit..."  Another broke in with, "the white or the steel gray?"  

When that was settled, conversation turned to gossip.  Seems an aquaintance had been quoted in Atlanta Life Magazine saying, "I don't keep up with the Joneses; I am the Joneses." Eyebrows were raised.

Then the redhead ventured, "I might get my hair... touched up before we go."   A look passed around the group as she continued, "I did it myself this time.  I don't know if you noticed.  I used Miss Clairol-- can you believe it?"  She forged on, a bit defensive.  "I've just been so tired since...  I was too tired, even to go in and get my hair done. Does it look....?"

One friend finally answered, "It's just.. brighter."