Monday, August 18, 2008

Makeover Power

I've told you before that I love stories of makeovers triggering life change.  Beyond the confidence that comes from getting in shape, finding your colors, or trying a new look, beauty industry jobs are often a way into the economy for women who don't have access to education.  
Here is a wrenching story in the LA Times about Masarrat Misbah, a Pakastani salon owner who hired and trained abuse victims, and then started a foundation to help them get reconstructive surgery.  
Do you know about Kiva?  It's a site that hooks up micro-lenders with poor, working entrepreneurs.  A lot of women on the site, in many countries, are seeking tiny loans to get beauty-based businesses off the ground.  
This is Mary Christopher, from Tanzania.  She started a hair salon four months ago and has been working her butt off.  I just made a loan of $25 through PayPal, toward the total amount of $275 that she is seeking to purchase more supplies. Would any of you like to join me in supporting Mary?  It's very easy to do, and when we are repaid, we can choose someone new to help.  I am going to put Mary in my sidebar and keep you guys updated on her progress.  If just seven more people lend $25, Mary will have her full loan amount.  If you do decide to join in, please let me know.  

In addition to her carrer on stage and screen, my muse, Edna was also a beauty entrepreneur.  Click the picture at right for some more makeover power.

Here are a couple other famous beauty entrepreneurs we'll talk more about later: