Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extreme Cleanliness and Hello to New Friends in Berlin

I'm sure you guys have all heard about the (true) history of Lysol being used as a douche both to assure feminine daintiness, and as birth control (it was never advertised for this second use). Since the fifties, Lysol has distanced itself from this storied past and stuck to the kitchen floor and bathroom-tile work of a Serious disinfectant. But I just saw a poster advertising their new foaming hand sanitizer, so I guess they're back to disinfecting humans, rather then merely the surfaces humans touch. If I do come across the hand stuff in some public bathroom, I won't be able to help thinking about the Lysol uses of yore.

"As a contribution to the proper understanding and practice of scientific bodily care, the makers of 'Lysol" Disinfectant offer a booklet which gives the facts-- frankly, explicitly and reliably. It's name is The Scientific Side of Health and Youth and its author is a woman physician who has combined sympathetic appreciation of woman's intimate problems with professional knowledge and experience." -- Lysol ad (1928)