Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bulletin From the Sunshine State

This weekend I caught up with my dear friend Michelle in Florida.  We used to live across the street from each other on an enchanted little island and now she lives in St. Pete.  She told me she was invited to a "little black dress party," at a wine bar.  When she arrived, properly attired, she couldn't push her way through the tight crowd clustered around the bar, but then saw a clear path down the center of the room.  As she made her way to her friends, she heard applause.  Someone explained that the party was a fashion show and Michelle had just walked down the improvised runway.  I imagine this would have been more awkward if Michelle was not a complete knockout, 6'2" in heels.

She's not the only hot number in the Tampa Bay area.  The photo at left was in a news story down there about new body scan machines at the airport.  One woman is up in arms not about the invasion of privacy, but the choice in models.   She doesn't feel the curvaceous young woman depicts accurately reflects the population and asks, Why not an old fat guy?