Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being Goth in Florida Must Be Challenging

There's a Goth convention going on in Tampa this week. Humid heat can't be fun in a black corset, tights, lace-up boots, and cloak.
But Florida is probably the best place ever to be Goth. Looking different and getting stared at has always been half the fun, and no where is the contrast more intense. The Goth aesthetic is utterly at odds with the Miami Vice-like color scheme that Florida persists in keeping alive. Even brand new buildings are often painted coral and aqua. Most Floridians probably think those Goths just need a margarita, some Jimmy Buffet, and a little sun. Okay, a lot of sun.
They're just personifying the Sunshine State's very obvious dark side. I like to tell people Florida is like California in the 1970s, but without the cool factor. It's infested with cults, drugs, nudists, swingers, and wacky wind-chime artists. I miss it.
I wonder what my beauty experts of yore would have to say about this?
"Is it in good taste for young girls to wear black? The problem is merely one of whether or not black is becoming. Black is the most unbecoming color in the world, by and large. It takes the life and vitality from the wearer. It's the color of death. It's much easier to wear black when you're young and vital then when you are old and gray. I would say that the only reason for not wearing black is that it sometimes depresses other people. To the extent to which you are concerned with the feelings of others, you might say it was good taste not to go about depressing them."
--Elizabeth Hawes, Good Grooming (1942)