Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prosecuting Beauty: can't a girl be curious?

Twelve-year old Hannah Gilbert was detained by the police for testing some Revlon nail polish on one fingernail. Sheesh.

Hannah can look forward to the evolution of the species; soon nail polish will be obselete, and she will no longer be tempted to commit such heinous crimes:

"My friend's theory is that in evolution, what the body no longer has use for, it discards. When we were all living in the treetops, swinging from branch to branch, and digging in the earth for food, nails were a useful implement necessary to survival. Today, we buy our potatoes washed, in polyurethene bags.
Nails, according to his theory, are on their way out... in the next few hundred years, nails will be non-existent. I'm glad I shall not be around."
--Graeme Hall, Beauty for Girls Who Are Getting On (1970)

(via Jezebel)