Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday: Packing Tips and More Underwear Gone Awry

I'm packing for a little trip and really wish I had a vintage leather vanity case. I've been meaning to buy one for years and Crafty Eye Candy's roundup made me ache with longing. Maybe I'll find one where I'm going.

My ongoing project of building a wardrobe that makes sense is making packing easier. Often when I'm away I end up living in just a couple of the items. If only there were a perfect way to predict what those will be. I'm working on it.

My Aunt Val always packs in her guest room. A bed is the perfect staging area and, unlike in one's own bedroom, a guest bed stays made (when there are no guests), allowing you to take your time over a couple days . When I first established a guest room in my apartment, the thought of using it to pack was almost as thrilling as offering it to actual guests.

Margaret Cullen offers some packing tips in the British Living Today Series for teenagers. The cover of her Good Grooming and Clothes Care (1971) is one of my very favorite book covers of all time. The hot pink silhouette was done by John Plumb. I would like to have it blown up wall-size.

Margaret on Holiday Wear:
"You can now buy disposable panties and nightwear. These save washing and leave space in your suitcase for souvenirs."

Maxine, the mother of an old friend, once told me a story that confirms this. Sometime in the sixties, she tried out a pair of these ultra-modern underpants and as she walked down 5th Avenue, they suddenly gave out and slid right down her legs. She felt she had but one choice. Stepping carefully out of the panties, she continued in her stride, head held high, never looking back.

This trend is not entirely dead. Several companies still make disposable underwear for travelers, and reader Gina points out Anti-Pantis. I find these quite peculiar, and not in a good way.