Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Strangers of Note: my waitress

Sometimes I write at a cafe in Soho.  The knockout Italian couple that owns the place is always breezing in and out looking like they are perpetually headed for a dinner party at the beach.  They're impeccable, but the real fashion plate and peculiar beauty is my waitress.  
When I first saw her over a year ago she was doing a sort of Victorian ghost look in floaty nightgowns, chalky skin and long, straight dark hair.  One day she startled me by adding perfect circles of red, red rouge.
This year she smiles a lot more and has a new banged bob.  Her look is a bit school marm.  Today she is in a vintage, floral-print full skirt with a nipped-in waist, white Keds, and a very modern feather-weight white t-shirt (sleeves rolled up Fonz-style) over a visible black bra.  She has accessorized this look with a long gold locket and zanily oversized glasses.