Friday, July 11, 2008

Strangers of Note: red lipstick and a sharp knife

In a Ramada elevator in the Berkshires: 

 The elevator stopped and we were joined by a tall, slim lady of about sixty.  She looked rather chic (at least by local standards) in black pants and and a black and white, horizontal-striped top.  I was checking out her banged bob, and her generously applied, bright-red lipstick when my new friend D piped up.

"Are you on your way to kill someone?"  I looked over and only then noticed that the lady was carrying a long, sharp knife in her hand.  She laughed, exposing lipstick-coated teeth, and answered in a faint and charming accent (British?).

"We're having cheese upstairs."

"So you have a separate knife to use on people, then?"  D asked.

"You never know; we haven't even started on our first bottle yet," she confided, gesturing with her knife.  

That's where we got off.  I sort of wanted her to join us.