Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reconsidering the Brief

Funny you should ask.

I often shop for underwear at Daffy's. They have great brands, are very inexpensive, and the Soho branch I prefer isn't overstuffed and stressful like others I've visited. In fact, once on a late Friday afternoon there, my sister and I were served wine and cheese. We bought a lot of underwear that day.

Last time I went, I quickly selected a big pile of black panties in a few styles. Among my usual bikinis and boyshorts, I had brought home a pair big black briefs. When I tried them on, the retro look of the high-waist and low-leg pleased me. They cover about three times the acreage of my usual choices. I kept them as sort of a lark. But then I found myself reaching for them more and more. They do not slide around; there is no where else for them to go; they are already everywhere. And they have such a smooth line under dresses. I feel ladylike and secure in them.

I decided to buy some more briefs. It was important that they be black. If I was going to wear the same underwear as my mother, I would have to at least set myself apart with a trampier color than beige. I began to browse the internet and compare. I felt like a renegade. No one I know wears these. You can keep your Hanky Panky lace thongs, I thought, I have rediscovered a classic!

I read customer reviews of several styles on HerRoom.com. I appreciated the facts that reviewers choose descriptions of their body types. Then, while scanning opinions on the Skimp Scamp, winner of the prestigious "Undie Award for Best Regular Cut Brief," I was stopped cold in my tracks by this:

I have enjoyed wearing these for several years and a few months ago my husband started borrowing mine because he says that they are a happy medium between his briefs and boxers and he loves the feel of the nylon fabric and the different colors that are available. The store I had been buying my panties stopped carrying this style and since I needed to buy my husband his own I came across HerRoom where I was able to find these again and I was so pleased on how quickly we received our order. Thank you very much HerRoom.
- Mary, Teacher's Aide, Exton, Pa
Size: 8, "Average Bottom"
January, 2008